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Why Choose Xbrowser App?

Xbrowser is the best mini product because it provides some extraordinary features. Some of the adblocking extensions exist, and the ads blocking extension does not allow any harmful ads to open on your phone device, and ads contain downloading ads or Popup ads.

It’s a super-light product so, it takes even less than one MB size to install on your phone. If your phone is running out of memory, I must suggest you this product because it’s a super easy product. It enhances the phone speed.

Xbrowser App Features

We will provide a complete list of the features and contain some extraordinary features that are not even available in high-standard browsers. Let’s discuss all of its unique features.

Fast & Furious

It provides fast internet browsing. The application is very light and smooth and takes minimum phone memory.

Ad Blocking

It is the main feature to increase its popularity because ad blocking is a feature that everyone loves. Regular ads do not harm anyone, but some harmful ads exist on different website, so it’s challenging to manage them. Accessing a website that contains bad ads is also not suitable for the phone.

The feature is 90% effective on harmful ads, but the developer is doing hard work to convert 90 to 100%.

Clean And Powerful Browser

It is an ideal product, and it does any show any data like No homepage functions, No latest news & information. These all things consume too much battery of the phone so, it does not support any battery consuming feature.

Downloadable Files

The application provides the option to download any file from any page. Still, the most incredible thing is that it does not restrict any website, and you can even download the video file on YouTube since YouTube does not provide the official download button for the mobile version.

Better Security experience

The application launched years ago. The developer has done an excellent job in improving the app’s security system because it provides some extraordinary security features and disapproves of any harmful action.

Shortcuts Features

There are so many built-in shortcut options available on the menu so, make them usable. Different options are available to perform other tasks. This feature makes the app more reliable and quick.

Final Features

It enhances the web page performance and disables all the ads, keeping the page clean from any popup ad.

History Feature

It provides the feature to delete the history after existing from the browser. If you want to remove the past, click on “Clean my history,” and if you’re going to keep the history, then remain it uncheck and exit the browser, which is very straightforward.

Search bar And Shortcut Apps

The application provides its search bar where you can search for something, and it also provides some shortcut websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and eBay. The shortcut websites change after every update so, the developer keeps it uploading and brings more popular brands for next time.

Settings Area

The app provides the complete setting area where you customize the browse setting. Make possible changes; change the setting ad-block to enhance its performance.

Security and Privacy, Gesture setting, and advanced controls are some extra product features. The gesture set is to add & remove any shortcut app on the menu.

View Source Code

This option is also available for this product because it’s also an essential feature. After all, many developers love to check the source code of any consequence if they found it helpful so, it’s a great feature.

How To Download & Install For PC?

Xbrowser is a mobile application, and it’s not officially released for the computer system. Still, we have one solution to run this app on a computer system. Still, the procedure is very complicated, so I must suggest you download any mini browser for the computer system rather than installing the mobile application on a computer system.

Download and install the Android emulator on your computer and run any mobile application on a computer system. It is the only solution to run a mobile app on a computer PC.

Download Xbrowser For Aandroid

The application is available for the Android operating system, and it designed for smartphone devices. So, get this app for your phone right now. Now let’s discuss the installation procedure of this product, and I am sharing the method to install this file on a phone system, but make sure that you have complete attention to this procedure.

The manual installation is different, so my suggestion is to see the installation steps carefully.

  • Download the file from this website
  • Click on the “install” button and proceed
  • Enable the built-In function “Unknown Sources.”
  • Now go back and click on “Install” again
  • Wait few seconds to complete the installation

An unknown source is an integrated function of every Android phone that enhances the phone’s security system and does not allow any mobile application to install on your phone without asking permission. When you enable the feature for the first time, it may remain to enable forever to disable it and then go to setting and disabling the setting.

We have most of the application available on this website, AtozAPK is the best platform.

Download For iPhones (Apple Phones)

This app is also available for Apple phones so, get this app from this website. Take the necessary precautions to install the app on an Apple phone. The installation method is quite simple so, install the app right now on your Apple phone. It’s perfect for apple in battery saving because the Apple phone consumes too much battery.

Final Words

It’s time for the conclusion, and my suggestion to download this app for Android and Apple Phones. This browsing app is very light & smooth, but it works like a fast machine. It does not consume the battery, so most battery life saved this way.

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